Wednesday, April 15, 2015

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Re: Lifestyle's contact info

Kevin Herbert
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Monday, May 20, 2013

Hope for the hopeless, help for the hurting, come see what we have created

Hello, this is Kevin Herbert. I want to thank you for your friendship and share an idea of mine that has finally come to fruition. So many of you reached out to Cheryl and I when we were hurting so much and we will never forget you generosity and kind words. We hope that you will be as excited about this news as we are.

There are some ideas that people are immediately attracted to, like wealth, health, prosperity and fulfilling relationships. And there are some that the average person steers clear of, such as, anger, loss, sickness, death.

While people still come to me for help with creating a prosperous life, even more come to me when all hope is lost. These are the individuals, families and kids that I accompany on what is often

Hope for the hopeless, help for the hurting, come see what we have created

Mon, May 20, 11:30pm – Tue, May 21, 12:30am GMT-05:00
(Guest list has been hidden at organizer's request)
a difficult, but heroic journey of recovery.

My dream has been to open a center that not only teaches the skills to living a prosperous life, but one that helps even those who have lost it all to transform their loss and suffering into meaning and purpose. I know from experience how difficult it is to do these things alone.

With the help of my good friend Kelly, we have created the Center for Hope and Healing. We are offering a therapeutic practice that specializes in grief for all forms of loss whether recent or lingering. We offer individual and family counseling as well as groups and classes. I also offer counseling and coaching for dozens of other concerns.

Kelly and I want to invite you to visit the Center this week for our grand opening and ribbon cutting on Thursday, May 23 from Noon to Three.

Let me know if you can make it out. If not, schedule a personal tour and meeting with me. I'd love to hear how you have been and what you have planned for 2013.

The Center for Hope Healing is located in a gorgeous century home at 608 Jefferson in beautiful Saint Charles. The Center is made possible through the generous support of the Baue Family.

Please send me a message and I will keep you updated on things as they develop and let me know when I can see you at the Center. This is only the beginning. There it's more healing, hope and prosperity to come.

Best wishes,

Kevin Herbert, LPC
Co-founder of The Center for Hope and Healing

Hope for the hopeless, help for the hurting, come see what we have created

Mon, May 20, 11:30pm – Tue, May 21, 12:30am GMT-05:00
(Guest list has been hidden at organizer's request)
Jefferson Street
Saint Charles, MO 63301
(636) 219-5432

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My new email address


Hey, I have a new email address:

Drop me a line!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Can I Use Coaching Techniques And Still Be An Effective Professional Career Counselor?

Different settings require different skills and techniques when providing solutions to career problems and issues. Coaching techniques can be more effective than counseling techniques in certain settings. Successful career practitioners can (and should) employ both coaching and counseling techniques when helping clients solve career problems. There are more similarities than differences between career counseling and career coaching.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Re: Final and Final Review

The final must be completed in its entirety.

You must also analyze five exam questions and explain why the right answer is right and why the other answers are wrong.

Sometimes every answer has a bit of truth to it. When taking a multiple choice test eliminate obvious wrong answers, then prioritize the remaining answers to find the best alternative.

For example,

Jamie wants to take her junior year of college to find herself. Jamie is in which one of Marcia's stages?


moratorium c. foreclosure


achievement d. diffusion

Diffusion is defined as having few clear ideas of what one wants and not being concerned about the future. We cannot guess from the question stem that Jenny is in Diffusion and Diffusion usually prevents a person from taking the actions necessary to get to college and go two years.

Foreclosure is defined as making a choice, often based on family tradition, without exploring other options. We cannot guess from the question stem that Jenny is in Foreclosure, because it does not say anything about her family's input.

Achievement is defined as knowing what one wants and making plans to attain an occupational goal. It is unlikely that Jenny wants to make a career of finding herself.

Moratorium is defined as a time, often more than several months, in which one explores options while wanting a direction, but not having one.

Because Jenny is a junior in college who wants to take a specific amount of time from school to find her self, the best answer is Moratorium.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Friday, March 20, 2009

MBTI and Strong

Hello Students,

Our graduate director has stated that it will not be possible for those of you wanting to use these tests with your client to do so.

Please use the Keirsey Temperament Sorter 2 ( if you would like to incorporate a personality test into your assignment.

You can use O*NET for a skills assessment (

You can test interests with this one ( OR use the attached assessment from Kuder.

Of course, you can just do the three assessments on missouri connections to satisfy the requirements of the assignment.